Signal Gang 1972

DE-1067 Signalman gang

L to R: Larry Brix w/ long glass, William Morgan, Ron Neighbors seated on deck, cross legged on desk not a Sig’s, second from right Bossman Steve Buerman, and Phil (Ben) DiBenedetto. Taken forward of the Mack. The weight station is below a half deck down. The plexiglass board behind us was where we wrote the names of each ship and their call sign that was in our proximity in the gulf with grease pencil for quick reference.

I recently received this photo from William Morgan of the signal gang off the coast of VietNam in 1972.  We don’t need no stinking sunscreen!  Good times!

One Response to Signal Gang 1972

  1. Tom Siqveland says:

    I was on Quartermaster team, reporting to QM1 Paul “Mitch” Mitchell during this period on Hammond and responsible for many of the log entries during this deployment to Vietnam. We conducted two 6-month tours during this 2-year period. The ship was hit by artillery from the beach and subsequently awarded a combat action ribbon. We were on station when the war was declared over and I recall making the log entry memorializing the announcement over the PA system. Phil DiBenedetto is the only remaining signalman on the team in this pic who was on the team during my time on the Hammond. Is Ted England missing from the pic…or had he left by the time the pic was taken?

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