The meaning behind the USS Francis Hammond’s Coat-of-Arms

3 Responses to The meaning behind the USS Francis Hammond’s Coat-of-Arms

  1. Boyd Thomas says:

    Thanks DC

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  2. Pat Ryan says:

    Hi Dennis…we’re trying to find proof that in August 1973 the Hammond was within the Territorial Seas of Vietnam. Everything we’re finding refers to the ’72 cruise but no “details” about the August ’73 time frame. My husband recalls being as close in as 1 mile & most of the firing was done at night. His advocate can’t seem to find anything that shows the Hammond being on the “gunline” at that time. Any suggestions?

    • To be honest, my memories of the 73 cruise are foggy. I really do not recall any gun line activity, but it may have occurred. I do recall us going up north in the gulf on some other missions. I never did get any of the deck logs for that cruise. Most of my memories from 73 are the port visits we made. Very brief period of time in hostile waters. I could look at the 73 cruise book schedule, but it’s in storage and I’m out traveling now. If you connected to the Blue Water Navy Facebook group they may have deck logs from that time. Good luck! DC

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