Deck Logs

A shipmate recently forwarded to me copies of some of our deck logs for some dates during 1972.  He had acquired these through either the National Archives or the Naval History and Heritage Command.  Deck logs are the Navy’s way of documenting ships movements, weather conditions, musters, gunfire, casualties (both material and personnel), readiness status and any other notable occurrences.  The entries during a watch are signed by the OOD at the end of his watch on the bridge. Included here are only for a few select dates.  A couple of them are title pages only, but are included to give an idea of where (lat/long) we were at a certain time period.  The latitude and longitude logged on any page can be plugged into Google Earth to see our location at a certain time.  The only editing I did to them is on 2 occasions where casualties/injuries were logged with the crew members social security number, so I obscured those for their security.  The handwriting is hard to read on some of these, but will give some insight to just what we were doing during that memorable summer of ’72.

deck-log-icon deck-log-icon deck-log-icon
April 8, 1972 April 15, 1972 April 16, 1972
deck-log-icon deck-log-icon deck-log-icon
April 17, 18, 19 May 1, 1972  June 21, 1972

4 Responses to Deck Logs

  1. Dennis Just happen apon your blog my first time in the O was November 1972 USS Leonard F Mason DD852. Thanks for the memories.
    Bill Chapman EN3 71 to 75

  2. JZee says:

    Deck logs DC. Good reading. Do you have any more? take care.

  3. Ernest Baird says:

    I have a flag from this ship. It’s unigue if anyone interested.

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